Linda Bracken, Vermont Potter, Barre, VT


Originally from Salem, Massachusetts, I worked in the corporate world for many years as a Licensed Customs House Broker.  My transition to the life of a studio potter first began when I and my friends decided to spend our weekly "girls' night out" taking a pottery class.  I was immediately hooked.  I loved it. Those one night a week sessions soon turned to two and three.  Then, serendipitously, I became unemployed with a 6 month non compete contract~  I was devastated.  What would I do for 6 months? I rented space in a pottery studio and never looked back.  That was in 1989.  




In 1992 my husband and I moved to Vermont and purchased an old farmhouse with an attached dilapidated barn.  After three years of hard work and lots of love, we had transformed our barn into my pottery studio complete with a 27 cubic foot downdraft gas-fired car kiln.

My passion for pottery comes from making something out of the earth , something that can, when handled properly,  last a lifetime~ I love working with my hands~ The transformation from the earth to that of a finished product never ceases to amaze me!  

The kiln firing is the last stage of the entire process.  The atmosphere created in the kiln while firing, and the elements of live flame, intense heat and smoke interacting with the ware, greatly affect the outcome.  This is what makes each piece unique and different in it's own way.  This is also the driving force that keeps me going, because next time things will be even better, then the next time and the next time.  See?  This final firing takes 16 hours, with a 24 hour cooling time.   While firing,  the kiln reaches temperatures between 2280 to 2300 degrees. HOT!

My Barre, Vermont Studio is open by chance or appointment.  Please feel free to call 802-272-09

    Pottery by Linda B Pottery, Barre, Vermont,


YES!, all of my work is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.YES! all of my work is Food Safe.NO! there has never been nor ever will be lead in any of my glazes.
I have always had an interest in color therapy which has carried over into my work. I do believe color can impact your moods, feelings and emotions.  I enjoy experimenting with new glazes and playing with glaze combinations.  You can see this overlapping of glazes, thus creating a third color in the majority of my work.  As I sit in my studio overlooking the fields and mountains,  I can see the colors of my work reflected in the landscape throughout  the year. Come visit  me in my studio and enjoy the view. A customer once told me: "your pottery makes me smile".  It is my intent to have every piece I make, whether functional or decorative, provide my customers with the same joy that I put into and derive from my work. :))


Life is made to be celebrated.  Not just what we consider the "big moments" but the everyday moments!  We need more fun and laughter in our lives!  I hope my work will make you smile, bring you joy and be part of your everyday celebrations~